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Who Am I?


Picture of my black and white cat called Felix (also known by other names).


Love me, feed me, never leave me!





In memoriam Jules E. Rogister (1925 - 2014).



My father passed away in December 2014, a few months short of his 90th birthday. He was a teacher, engineer and research scientist with varied hobby interests such as classical music, philately, photography, geology, countries & people. He was a keen amateur astronomer and closely followed developments in science and technology till the very end. In his late seventies his eyesight deteriorated and he could no longer see the stars.


I learned a lot from him, people tell me that my engineering approach is much alike. He was an advocate of life-long learning and though he was not a radio amateur, he mastered an electronics course in his younger years. He was supportive in me studying for the R.A.E. and did not mind me [in my naïve younger years] plunking an 18m lattice mast in ‘his’ back garden! He took an interest in my ham activities be it following me on my excursions in Africa or more recently my SOTA hill walking in Ireland. I vividly recall the many discussions we had on astronomy including the effects of the sun on radio signal propagation.


He had his own laptop, his "window onto the world" as he used to say, and stayed in touch via email and Skype. Sadly he has now signed off for ever.


He will be deeply missed.


Phil ON4TA




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