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Pod Antenna


Kathrein pod antenna


This intriguing antenna together with commercial VHF FM transceiver kit was decommissioned by a Dutch city bus company in the mid 1980's (?). 


Many hams in the Netherlands and Belgium undertook converting the then modern synthesized mobile transceivers to the 2m ham band.  Most of these transceivers have now been decommissioned by hams, modern day Japanese or Chinese makes provide all the bells and whistles and analog FM has in many places been abandoned for digital modes such as DRM, D-STAR or FUSION.


I got a transceiver (non working order) and pod antenna from a ham who wanted to stop with the hobby, sadly.


The pod antenna is made in Germany by Kathrein Werke KG Rosenheim.  I could not find any information on the Internet so it is probably a special series.  The original reference number is "718.397 B/d" and the antenna is specified for the 154.4 - 155.4 Mhz range.


The pod is grey fiberglass and bolted to a base by 4 screws.  Inside is a rather neat looking PCB antenna factory tuned by an L/C parallel circuit to the specified frequency.  The antenna is PCB etched in a snaking S-shape with what looks like a small capacitive hat.  The PCB antenna runs both sides of the circuit board. 


The connector is unusual, I haven't found a matching plug yet.  Its centre connection is flat, slightly dome shaped and spring loaded, making me believe its matching plug is also flat and spring loaded, not a pin like the PL or N series.


Here are some photo's of this intriguing pod antenna.



This pod antenna has been knocked about ...

PCB antenna and trimmer capacitor.

Other side of PCB with fixed value capacitor.

Unusual connector, unknown type.

Factory information tag.




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