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Project No 9


Old amateur radio antennas ...


I recently came across a box of old photographs from the early to mid 1980's so I have scanned some old grainy and sometimes out-of-focus prints depicting my home built antennas. 


Before passing the amateur radio exam I built a Yagi antenna for VHF Band I reception (TV-DX) and I remember receiving a Spanish TV station on "Channel 4" via Sporadic-E propagation.  For VHF Band II reception had a Kathrein crossed-dipole for local stations and a 3 element Yagi for FM-DX hunting.


For HAM bands I put up a 2m SlimJim and a 7 element Yagi in VP, a wire dipole for 40m and I experimented with various Yagi antennas for 10m.  The final antenna built at the time at the parental home was a huge interlaced Yagi for 10m/15m (separate feeds).  It just about fitted between the house and the trees and worked a treat!



A method of fixing the round element to a square boom.

A 1:1 balun using a ferrite rod salvaged from an old transistor radio. 

My first antenna rotator.  A simple quad antenna to experiment with.

My first Yagi, a 3 element for 10m.  Coax attached to box with Gamma Match.

A 4 element Yagi for 10m.  Easy to handle for mounting, well balanced, performing really well.

A 5 element Yagi for 10m was the largest antenna mounted on the rotator.

The 18m galvanised steel lattice mast stands!

A younger me and a 2m 7 element Yagi.

The 2m Yagi in VP in position.  Right my Kathrein cross-dipole for FM band reception.

Out of focus picture of me mounting the 10m 6 element Yagi.

This antenna configuration was being used for a few months.

Big 6 element Yagi for 10m!  Mid is a TV-DX antenna for low VHF.  Top is a 7 element Yagi for 2m in VP. 

The Interlaced Yagi fully assembled on the lawn.  Coax patch cables to switch box.

The Interlaced Yagi experiment: 3 elements for 15m and 6 elements for 10m, dual feed lines.

Testing the Interlaced Yagi at about 1/3 up the mast.  Worked VK/ZL as it was ...

Getting ready to mount the Interlaced Yagi on top of an 18m pylone.

Higher up is a 7 element Yagi for 2m and above that a SlimJim vertical for 2m.

A home made remote antenna switch (box just about visible at the top) allowed me to switch HF bands.

The two driven elements each with a Gamma Match are clearly visible.

Antennas in position.  The rotor is mounted "in mast" by about 3m.



With the help of local amateur radio friends I was able to measure some antenna horizontal patterns of my home built antennas.  This involved somone locally giving a steady RF signal and me turning the antenna by 10 degrees at a time, measuring the signal strength and plotting the value on graph paper.


A dipole in HP.

A cardioid pattern exhibiting a deep null at the back.

A Yagi antenna.



And finally ...



It is not mine, really.  Just dreaming.




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