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Project No 10


Current antenna configuration ...


October 2015.  I completed repair to the antennas and re-stacked them on the masts and gable wall.  I also checked and re-sealed coax all connectors making the system ready for winter weather.


In February 2015 several antennas got damaged by gusty wind: the 6m vertical broke (brittle PVC tubing), the 10m Yagi lost part of the director element due to metal fatigue, insects inhabited the coils of the multiband HF dipole, the 4m Yagi lost its reflector due to the 6m vertical crashing into it ...


Several months seem to have passed ... taking down antennas when weather permitted, repairing and bending aluminium elements back in shape.



4m set-up


I tend to use the gable wall for test antennas:  at present just a horizontal and vertical dipole for 4m.  The horizontal dipole is centre-fed and spaced about 0.5m from the supporting mast, the vertical dipole is also centre-fed and has a coax-RFC at the bottom.


Local amateurs tend to use 4m FM in vertical polarisation, mainly using ex-PMR (converted) transceivers.  I run equal spec and length coax to the shack allowing for simple signal comparison using an A/B switch.



The H and V dipoles for 4m.  Patch cables running to the EQP rail, then equal coax to the shack.



January 2016: I have changed the 4m vertical dipole for a 6m/4m dual band vertical dipole, see Antenna No 60.



VHF set-up


I have re-stacked the VHF antennas now starting at 10m (hi) with the sleeve coupled 10m/6m Yagi, in the middle the 4m 6 element Yagi and at the top the 2m 12 element Yagi.


All antennas are now HP, I have temporarily removed the phased 2m and phased 4m VP Yagis.



Yagis covering 10m - 6m - 4m - 2m in HP.



HF set-up


I have re-stacked the mast now putting the sleeve coupled 17m/12m Yagi at the top.  Below is the 20m/15m/10m trap dipole.  Also visible are the wire dipoles for 40m and 80m, at 7m these are quite near to the ground so only good for NVIS mainly me chasing European SOTA stations.



The HF antennas for 10/12/15/17/20m and wire dipoles for 40/80m.




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