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Amateur Radio

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The new shack


I am re-equiping the shack, the place where I tend to spend most of my time.


Picture of the new hobby table that I made for the shack.New hobby table.

I have fully dedicated one room to my fascinating hobby.  First of all I built a sturdy hobby table to later house my equipment and provide a work surface to take things apart for testing.

Picture (detail) of the hobby table sturdy supports.Table supports.

I am not a carpenter so I made sure the hobby table is built to last! Notice (in the background) that I have provided plenty of electrical sockets and even a cable guide for the coax!


I carry a lot of "old" equipment with me: radio sets, test gear and spare components.  Some still works and some does not.  In the process of equipping my shack I plan to retest this equipment and repair where possible or keep it for spares (some might call it junk).


I prefer older radios and test equipment because it tends to be more straightforward in layout and the buttons do exactly what they are supposed to do.  In my opinion such equipment can be a big and box-like with a clean and well designed front, a built-in power supply and solid feet so that it can be stacked! 











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