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ON/ON-029 Sainte Barbe et Tonne (Molinveaux)


SOTA March 2016



Wallonia / Liège city

Height (m)


Locator (Maidenhead)



I activated this hilltop as ON4TA/P



The top of the spoil heap that is ON/ON-029.

FT-70G "manpack" transceiver, 10W, and substitute battery case.



This SOTA was added in March 2015.  It is a city SOTA, in fact a disused spoil heap (coal mining industry) located in the city of Liège.


Follow the cluster of motorways around Liege to the interchange at Vottem, take the E313 south till the end point.  Next a couple of local roads are involved in a SW direction, aim for the junction of Rue Sergent Merx and Rue Naniot where you can park in a residential area.


A foot path starts just opposite Rue Naniot, looping around to the top of the spoil heap.  Lots of vegetation, mainly shrubbery and birch trees, but there is a clearing at the top so plenty of room for HF wire antennas.


The ascent took about 15 minutes.




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