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EI/IW-079 Benwee Head [An Bhinn Bhuí]


SOTA October 2014



Ireland West (Co. Mayo)

Height (m)


Locator (Maidenhead)


WAI grid

F84 Mayo


I activated this hilltop as EI/ON4TA/P. First activation!



Eroded turf section near the start of the walk.

On the slopes of Benwee Head, Carrowteige village in the distance.

Going up ...

Breathtaking panorama, hard to capture on photo.

Coastal path right on the edge ...

Nearly there ...

Very exposed to the Atlantic.

One of the Coastal Path marker posts.


OSI map 22. 


Drive to the village of Carrowteige where you can park next to the village shop.  Information boards welcome the visitor to this remote part of Co. Mayo. 


There are a number of signposted walks e.g. the Carrowteige Loop which is on the OSI map and the Coastal Path which for some reason is not.  Both walks share the first few hunderd metres.


From the village take the tarmac road to the west, past a school to a crossroads, continue up a straigh unsurfaced road (leading to turf fields) and take a left at the top along an unsurfaced road.  At the end the paths diverge, the coastal path has purple marker posts. 


Continue via the footpath on top of the cliffs and enjoy the stunning panorama, especially looking back towards the village.  A footbridge has been provided at the stream, not visible from above but it is there!  Just follow the path all the way to the top.  A barbed wire fence at the top prevents you shooting down the cliff.


This SOTA point is unique as half of the hill has been eroded by the Atlantic, hence the sheer drop.


The Coastal Path continues to Portacloy, where you can loop back over the tarmac road to Carrowteige.


The ascent took about 1 hour 30 minutes.




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