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EI/IN-096 Carranarah


SOTA October 2014



Ireland North (Co. Mayo)

Height (m)


Locator (Maidenhead)


WAI grid

G20 Mayo


I activated this hilltop as EI/ON4TA/P.  First activation!



Looking towards Foxford.

Large slabs on the way up.

Threatening sky on the day ...

View west over Lough Cullin with Nephin (EI/IW-002) to the right.

My usual setup on VHF, a SlimJim.

Hidden behind a bank, someone went to the trouble of providing a style.


OSI map 31. 


Carranarah is to the east of Foxford, Co. Mayo and well worth an activation.  Beautiful panorama from the trig!


From the N26 in town take an unnamed tarmac road (did not show on my SatNav) to the SE and continue all the way to the top of the road where you can squeeze in at the entrance to an abandoned quarry (not on OSI map, the top of the lane is coloured grey thus unsurfaced road).  There is a private house opposite, when I greeted the person arriving they did not object to me parking there.


On foot continue on an overgrown foot path till reaching a stone wall and stream.  The foot path continues SE over a hillock (pt. 156) and it is possible to go up that way and loop around to the SOTA point as I did.  However, the accepted route is to go up via the edge of the small pine forest.  Someone had gone to the trouble of providing a style and protector from the barbed wire but it is kind of camouflaged by a bank so I passed it on my ascent.


At the top of the forest route there is another style, then go over open terrain (grass, stones, boulders) to the trig for a magnificent view to the west.


The ascent took about 1 hour.




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