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EI/IW-085 Doogort Hill (Krinnuck) [Cruinneog]


SOTA October 2014



Ireland West (Co. Mayo)

Height (m)


Locator (Maidenhead)


WAI grid

F60 Mayo


I activated this hilltop as EI/ON4TA/P.



Doogort viewed from the SW.

Low cloud obstructing its neighbour Slievemore.

Looking SW towards Keel village (Keel Lough) and the Atlantic.

Doogort Hill on the north side of Achill Island.


OSI map 30. 


There are a number of ways to go up Doogort.  One supposedly is from the village over a raised boundary wall beside a white house, however, there are many white houses so I never found that spot.  Along the coastal road there is lots of private property and all fields are fenced off, even running quite high up the flank.


My approach was from the SW.  Parking is difficult on that narrow road but I managed to squeeze in over a ditch and up an old access track to the turf fields.


On foot continue over the old turf track for a hundred metres or so it is quite stoney and OK underfoot.  Then go up over open terrain dodging the old turf fields, cross a draining ditch, then all grass and heather to the top.  There is no trig and no shelter at the top.  Very windy on the day as Atlantic winds seem to get deflected by its neighbour Slievemore.


The ascent took about 30 minutes.




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