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EI/IW-063 Knockmore [An Cnoc Mór]


SOTA October 2014



Ireland West (Co. Mayo)

Height (m)


Locator (Maidenhead)


WAI grid

L69 Mayo


I activated this hilltop as EI/ON4TA/P.  First activation!



Looking NE from the parking spot.

Looking S towards the tongue (pt. 300) of Knockmore.

Looking SW from the parking spot.

Eroded turf on top of Knockmore.

Very wet terrain up there ...

Operating in low cloud, sudden poor visibility on top.


OSI map 30. 


Knockmore is a hill in the bog expanse that seems to make up the southern tip of Achill Island.  Unsurprisingly the approach, contour and top of this SOTA was a bit of a bog slog ... 


There are a couple of ways to get up Knockmore, however, there are no formal paths up this hill as such.


Once route was suggested by the Achill Tourist Board in a brochure that I read the evening before at the B&B on the island.  It is a loop walk starting/ending Achill Sound taking in the top of Knockmore and hillocks to the south of the hill.  As I recall this walk starts from Achill Sound on a local road running south west, past Shaheens Bridge for about a kilometer, take  a local road west for about a kilometer to a track coming up from the south. Go off road opposite this track to the hillock at pt. 217, continue west to the hillock at pt. 281, then go north in the direction of the top of Knockmore.  Descent is via the northern flank, resuming walking on road to the west and returning via the R319 to Achill Sound.  A walk for a nice summer's day with plenty of daylight hours and presumably a not-too-wet approach over the hill.


Another approach is via south, parking at the water treatment building near Ashleam, going up on the southern flank partly over a track then over open terrain to the spur at p. 281, then up/down Knockmore in a straight line.


The approach I took was a straight up/down via the northern flank, the descent path suggested in the first route.  There is parking for about three cars in a lay-by on a narrow road running to the north of the hill.  Off the lay-by one car can reverse onto hardcore as to not to block the lay-by or roadside. 


Taking a straight approach up the flank, the lower third is very boggy and waterlogged, there after ground is more grassy/heathery and better underfoor, the upper third is quite steep.  The top is very waterlogged and stony in places with little shelter from wind.  There is no trig point nor cairn, the top is eroded turf.


WX was quite poor on the day with low cloud and gusty wind.  It looked safe to go up however I took a couple of compass readings en route.  As I set up the station low cloud closed in and visibility dropped to 25m so no more view of the contour or the road below.  I managed to descend safely, visibility returned for the lower third and I ended up only about 50m further up the road from where I had parked the car, not bad.


The ascent took about 1 hour 15 minutes.




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