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G/WB-024 Aconbury Hill


SOTA October 2014



Welsh Borders

Height (m)


Locator (Maidenhead)



I attempted to activate this hilltop as M/ON4TA/P, however, had no QSO on the day on 2m FM.



Ready to log the pile-up, hi.

The public foot path through the woodland.

The gate near the start of the walk.

The foot path starts here ...


OS map --. 


On my last day in the U.K. I made a detour to this SOTA point which is not too far from Ross-on-Wye.  Take the A49 to King's Thorn then follow local roads to the top of the hill where you can park at the parish hall.  A polite note requests to make a donation (simply put it through the letter box) for making use of the parking.  Quite welcome as all round there is private road / residence with nowhere to park on road.


Aconbury Hill is quite popular with locals for walking their dog, and a group of senior walkers was getting ready for their weekly walk as I arrived.  We exchanged some pleasantries as a member had been a ham, he was attacted to the aerials sprouting from my car, hi.


There is a public foot path starting some 20m down from the hall, besides woodland and a private fenced off lawn.  Continue on that path till reaching a gate, go up through woodland over a muddy and slippery path till the top.  Veer right, about 50m further up is the trig.


This was a quick activation on my way to Dover for the ferry home so I only took my handheld out of the car and ... did not get a single QSO on 2m FM!  Unlucky I guess on this unannounced daytime activation. 


I now know where to go so I will activate Aconbury Hill another time.


The ascent took about 1 hour.




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