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Locator IO55RA


I stayed locally at Claire's B&B just off the pier at Arranmore.  A really good breakfast + a packed lunch and some fruit saw me through the day.  I was at the VHF site for two days in a row ready for any Sporadic-E.


The VHF site is on the largely uninhabited western side of Arranmore.  I parked the car on the verge and had a few square metres to set up the equipment.  I was able to use a small foldable table and chair for "al fresco" operation but due to a persistant northerly wind had to take refuge in the car from time to time to warm up.


For the 2m 6 element Yagi I used a 10m fiber mast strapped to a side support on the car's roof bar, for the 6m Delta Loop I used a 6m fiber mast positioned about ten metres from the car.


Pictures below show my set-up and various antenna combinations on the day.



Having just arrived at Arranmore I went to the site to check out 2m and 6m propagation from /M.

Next day, commencing assembly of the 2m Yagi.

The 2m 6 element Yagi fixed to a fiber mast and ready to be erected.

Detail of the antenna-to-mast method.  Coax loops are to insert pre-amp later.

Listening for any signals from north (GM, OY, TF, ...).

The 6m Delta Loop and view of mainland Donegal, with Errigal mountain to the far right.

My set-up for the day:  FT-857D, 17Ah SLAB, pre-amp swich box, (fused) power distribution.

Here the 2m 6 element Yagi and mast pre-amp.

My set-up on Day 2.  Delta Loop pointing east/west now.



Some statistics of stations worked from IO55RA:


Propagation was very poor with few stations worked on Day 1 and none at all on Day 2.


6m band: 13 stations from DL, EA, I, LY, OH, SP.

2m band: none worked!




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