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Worked All Ireland (WAI)


The Worked All Ireland (WAI) award scheme is run by the Irish Radio Transmitters Society (IRTS), Ireland's [EI] amateur radio association.  More information can be found on this external link.




The WAI grid structure is according to Ireland's national geographic grid with the major squares of 100x100km indicated by a single letter.  For WAI each major square is further divided in 100 10x10km squares labeled 00 through 99 numerically.


I have been updating my OSI maps with the WAI 10x10km grids and have written the WAI reference on each.  This is part retrospectively to check which grids I have activated during my 2010 - 2014 holidays and for future use when activating a particular hill top or en route.


I believe it is customary to mention the county when making QSO.  Some WAI grids cover two or more counties.



I am reorganising this section now listing activated WAI grids by year of my visit, then by county and number.  Years 2010 till 2012 are hill top (SOTA) activations;  since 2013 I have HF mobile in the car leading to more en route WAI activations.


When in Ireland I like to travel on the "R" roads or on unnamed roads linking villages, occasionally on narrow roads with bits of grass growing in the middle and once off-road, hi hi.  In 2014 I made a WAI itinerary stopping regularly to take in the stunning panorama, visiting ancient sites and monuments or simply stopping at a village centre for a walkabout and a coffee. 


I tried to make radio contact at every stop.  That was not always possible due to poor propagation.  Sometimes it just took too long to get a contact (usually trying 20m, not much luck on VHF) so I moved on to the next square. 


A problem with WAI activation is that there is no Net Controller or dedicated "cluster" to spot you (or get spotted and logged with relevant details).  My 20m contacts were random EU contacts but not necesarily with someone familiar with WAI.  On the other hand, radio amateurs that were looking out for me, apologies but I had no way to alert you on the day.


Working with WAI squares puts focus on a 10x10 km area, just make up your own route to get from A to B on the day and look up nearby places of interest on the Internet. 


I made a separate section for Island activations and Northern Ireland squares.


I hope you will enjoy the photo's!




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