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Worked All Ireland (WAI)


The Worked All Ireland (WAI) award scheme is run by the Irish Radio Transmitters Society (IRTS), Ireland's [EI] amateur radio association. 


During my 2010 visit I activated hill tops (SOTA) in counties Kilkenny, Tipperary and Clare.  This was my first visit to Ireland combining holiday and amateur radio.  Really enjoyed this trip, returning to Ireland after so many years.


Photo list on this trip is by County and WAI number.


Call sign: EI/ON4TA/P



Co. Clare



The broad top of Slieve Elva, the Atlantic Ocean beyond.

Cottage ruin on the now deforested slope of Slievecallan.

Aviation Authority dome on top of Woodcock Hill near Shannon.

Stacks of manually cut turf drying in the wind.


Co. Kilkenny


S64 from Coppanagh (EI/IE-048), also Brandon Hill (EI/IE-020).



S36 is a split grid.  Photo taken on the descent from Killoshulan.

Energetic walk up Brandon Hill from the village below!


Co. Laois



S67 is a split grid.  The wind farm is now operational!  Uninspiring broad hill top.


Co. Tipperary


S07 from Ballinveny Hill (EI/IE-026), also Devilsbit Mountain (EI/IE-024).

R85 from Foildarg Hill (EI/IE-031), also Knockalough (EI/IE-036).

R86 from Keeper Hill (EI/IE-009), also Silvermine Montains (EI/IE-023).



Beautiful weathered trig.  Enjoyed the walk up from Cappagh White village.

Steep gradient of Slievekimalta.  Mind the bull in the field at the start!

Quick en route SOTA activation on this uninteresting hill.

Deforested Cooneen and the Tipperary landscape.

The Devilsbit peaks are visible from Templemore where I stayed.


Co. Wexford


No photo: S91 from Forth Mountain (EI/IE-068).



The rocky top is fenced off.  Large telecomms mast further up the track.




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