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Worked All Ireland (WAI)


The Worked All Ireland (WAI) award scheme is run by the Irish Radio Transmitters Society (IRTS), Ireland's [EI] amateur radio association. 


During my 2011 visit I managed to bag more hill tops mainly in Co. Tipperary and Co. Clare.


Photo list on this trip is by County and WAI number.


Call sign: EI/ON4TA/P



Co. Cavan



Vantage point in Co. Cavan.


Co. Clare



Deforested hill top, a real obstacle course to get to the top.

Access to the top via a fire break on a very cold and wet June day!



Co. Limerick



The trig point lies on the county boundary.  Well worth the effort to climb Galtymore.

View from the slopes of Cullaun.


Co. Longford


No photo: N18 from Corn Hill (EI/IN-077).



Co. Offaly



Low cloud on the day.  Nice location for VHF radio, maybe next time!


Co. Tipperary



View from Tountinna over the southern tip of Lough Derg.

The Shrough dolmen on top of Slievenamuck.

Just keep following the fence posts ...

The back route up Ballincurra Hill. 

One more Co. Tipperary hill top bagged!

Weird marker at the top.

An uninteresting lower hill with barbed wire fences and a telecomms mast ...


Co. Wexford



SOTA activation next to the big rock.

The long route around to Carrigroe Hill, forested top.

View from the slopes of Preban Hill.

Recent access works near the start of the ascent.


Co. Wicklow


No photo: T17 from Croghan Mountain (EI/IE-013) - also WAI T17 Wexford.



Path through the forest up Seskin Hill on a cold and damp morning.

Open landscape and waymarked path on the approach of Ballycumber Hill.

View from the top of Croaghanmoira.

Nearby telecomms masts (adjacent hillock) on the way up Ballymoyle Hill.  No path to the top.




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