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Worked All Ireland (WAI)


The Worked All Ireland (WAI) award scheme is run by the Irish Radio Transmitters Society (IRTS), Ireland's [EI] amateur radio association. 


During my 2012 visit I made it to Co. Donegal, Connemara Co. Galway and The Burren in Co. Clare. 


My first experience at mobile ham radio operation in Ireland on 4m FM and 20m SSB, the latter with a huge center loaded whip antenna on a magnetic mount.


Photo list on this trip is by County and WAI number.


Call sign: EI/ON4TA/P or EI/ON4TA/M



Co. Clare



Unique, fascinating limestone landscape.

Impressive beehive shape stone structure on this lower hill.

Some 50 wind turbines on this hill now ... whoosh whoosh whoosh!


Co. Donegal


No photo: C21 from Dooish Mountain (EI/IN-081).

No photo: B61 from Cluidaniller Hill (EI/IN-092).



The real top is about an hour's walk from this cairn.  Eroded turf landscape and bog.

The approach to Cnoc Fola (real top beyond).  The path runs on the lower contour only.

View of Muckish Mountain from IN-083.   One day!

Panoramic road in NE Donegal.


Co. Galway


M05 from Benlevy (EI/IW-043), Bohaun (EI/IW-042).



Errisbeg is surprisingly rocky with quite a few false tops with a cairn, the real top has a trig!

This bleak and windy spot was where Marconi built his trans Atlantic transmitter station.

Tully Mountain capped by low cloud.

Photo from the slope of Teevnabinnia with Fin Lough below.

Lackavrea, a tough climb!  Best distant view of this mountain's jagged edge is from the N59 east.

A long way up Derroura and no path.

Photo taken from Benbaun just after a rain shower cleared the air ...

Mobile operation.  Photo taken at Kinvara quayside with Dunguaire castle in the distance.


Co. Limerick


Under a row of turbines at Knockastanna.



Co. Mayo


A stunning coastal path walk at Benwee Head.  A remote area but well worth it!

A new fence splits this mountain in half.

This was my second ascent of The Reek.

Going up the service road to the RTE transmitter mast.


Co. Offaly



Weathered trig on this isolated hill, with Co. Offaly turf fields below.


Co. Tipperary


No photo: S07 from Templemore.



Access was tricky due to diversions and forestry operations.


Co. Wexford


No photo: S72 from Slievecoiltia (EI/IE-064), dense fog!



The concrete cross at Tory Hill.

Old stone wall leading to the highest point on Annagh Hill.

My first mobile operation.  There is a lovely coastal path walk from this well hidden spot.


Co. Wicklow



Operating the radio in poor WX conditions on Tonelagee.  No visibility going up.




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