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Worked All Ireland (WAI)


The Worked All Ireland (WAI) award scheme is run by the Irish Radio Transmitters Society (IRTS), Ireland's [EI] amateur radio association. 


During my 2013 visit I made it to Arranmore Island Co. Donegal and activated more SOTA hill tops in Co. Mayo.


Photo list on this trip is by County and WAI number.


Call sign: EI/ON4TA/P or EI/ON4TA/M



Co. Donegal


No photo: B61 from Cluidaniller Hill (EI/IN-092).



My favoured VHF site on Arranmore Island in the rare IO55 grid.  Here on 2m and 6m for Sporadic-E.

Mobile operation.  Maghery Bay, Co. Donegal.

Mobile operation.  Local area was flooded, no access to Altnapaste hill for SOTA on the day.


Co. Galway



Fantastic views from Benbrack [Connemara National Park], looking west.

Looking back from this outlying hill.


Co. Mayo


No photo: F81 Bunmore West (EI/IW-081).



The weird landscape on the third hump of Knocklettercuss near Bangor Co. Mayo.

Dominating the village of Bangor Co. Mayo.  Huge active quarry on its eastern slope.

A broad topped hill in Co. Mayo.

Made it to yet another boggy hill top ...

The turf fields on the slope are still farmed today.


Co. Roscommon



Clearing with heather on top, slopes are densely forested with pine.




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