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Luxman R-600
DC cables
Telefunken tube

Operating manuals and schematic diagrams


I have collected the odd Operating Manual and/or Schematic Diagram, which may be of help if you are trying to service a similar radio.  Please contact me if you would like a copy [hobby use only!].



Pioneer TX-408L


A LW/MW/FM Stereo Tuner by Pioneer.



A one pager with Operating Instructions and Schematic Diagram is available.



Philips 22AH305


A transistorised stereo HiFi amplifier by Philips.


Front of the booklet.

View of the front/rear of the amplifier.  Note the DIN sockets for input and loudspeakers.


A Schematic Diagram is available.



Selena 216


A Soviet (USSR) made transistorised portable radio (Selena models 215/216/217).




This radio is mains or battery powered and covers LW, MW, various SW and FM (mono). 


The Operating Manual booklet and Schematic Diagram is available.





A transistorised AM/FM Receiver + Cassette Recorder + Turntable unit of unknown make. 



The unit was made in Western Germany (at the time).  The Service Manual booklet is in German.  A Schematic Diagram is also available.




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