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My housebuilding project.


I am in the process of building an eco-friendly low-energy house.


Picture of scale model of my house.

Picture of scale model of my house.

Picture of my house during winter 2009.

Scale model (view 1).

Scale model (view 2).

December 2009 winter view.


Believe you me, it is BST (blood, sweat & tears)! 


The bricks and mortar work has been contracted out but I do a lot of the finishing off work myself in my own time.


Key considerations:

  • orientation of the terrain
  • orientation of the rooms
  • orientation of the roof
  • insulation
  • passive solar gains
  • active solar gains
  • ventilation
  • reduced energy consumption
  • reduced water consumption

I will gradually put photos and text of the major building stages online.


Inside joke! Very funny!


Work in progress ...




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