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Extractor fan



The installation of the kitchen from start to finish.


If you are thinking of building or renovating you [or your wife or girl friend] might want to have a look at my new kitchen.


I have decided to put in the kitchen cabinets myself. During the build I took great care to position the electrical wall sockets, hot and cold water pipes, drain, air vent, etc.


The sketch below depicts the design:


Picture (sketch) of the kitchen.


My kitchen is L-shaped with virtually equal length sections left and right. Left of the cabinets there is a door and windows; right of the cabinets there is an open doorway leading to the sitting room (a bit hard to see on the drawing).

  • The left hand section has a standard cabinet unit with shelves, a built-in dishwasher and an 1 1/2 size washing-up basin.
  • In the corner there is a special unit measuring 90x90cm with a caroussel.
  • The right hand section has a standard drawers cabinet unit, an electric cooker and oven, a half-size pull-out cabinet unit and a large (80cm) drawers cabinet unit.
  • On the internal wall there is a 90cm extractor fan unit and standard cabinets with shelves to its left and right.

The cabinet finishing is a glossy white, quite modern in appearence.









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